Febuary 28, 2018

10 Easy Ways to be a Super Conference Speaker

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Sometimes you learn a lot by just observing people in different settings.

Years ago, I worked as a conference moderator at the West African Mining and Power Conference. I was able to observe half a dozen speakers and this is what I learned.

1. Know your presentation inside out.

2. Keep a hard copy of your presentation nearby in case the power goes off.

3. Get to the venue early to get used to the environment.

4. Make sure the IT team uploads your PowerPoint presentation.

5. Make sure the presentation is the right one.

6. Start your presentation with a memorable quote or statistic.

7. Eliminate all filler words ("errr...umm...hmmm").

8. Engage your audience towards the end of your presentation by asking questions

9. Don't take yourself too seriously.

10. End early; your audience will be grateful.