August 17, 2018

Defamatory Publication About Kafui Dey on

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Kafui Dey

Defamatory Publication About Kafui Dey on

A publication on by one Araba Smith which alleges that I was fired by EIB Network over sexual misconduct has come to my attention.

Much as the website is supposed to be a spoof site, I view such a publication seriously considering the direction the author has taken with her fabricated story.

I wish to state clearly that the entire story is absurd, defamatory and a creation of the author's imagination with no iota of truth whatsoever in it.

I was not fired by my former employers nor do I have any accusations levelled against me in any form.

A simple check at EIB Network will discredit this claim and any other claim in the story.

Issues of sexual misconduct are no joke and these cowards should not hide behind a so-called disclaimer on a spoof website to make statements that hurt people.

Kafui Dey
P.O. Box TN 1147
Accra, Ghana