Febuary 8, 2018

How to Avoid the Wrong Wedding MC

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Let’s face it. When you goof, you know. You don’t need anyone to tell you

If you are a professional wedding planner or you are even organizing your own wedding, you’ll have to think about the MC who will host the reception. You don’t want to make a very public mistake in hiring the wrong person. So how will you know what to look out for?

Cast your mind back to the weddings you’ve attended. Can you pick out the reception disasters? More often than not, the MC would have been in the thick of things, contributing his (or her) quota to messing up one of the most important days in the lives of a new couple.

Let me give you five things to look out for so you can avoid these MC mishaps like a plague when you are making a decision on your MC.

Let’s set the scene. You’re at a wedding. You know the couple. You just know they hired the wrong MC when…

  • The bride and groom are ready to enter the reception hall but nobody can reach the MC because his phone is off;
  • The MC turns up in an all-white outfit and steals the limelight from the bride who is supposed to be the star of the event;
  • The MC makes crude comments about the groom just because they went to the same primary school 30 years ago;
  • The MC pokes fun at a particular ethnic group to the absolute shock of the bride’s father who storms out of the reception in protest; and
  • You find the MC in the buffet queue instead of him making sure your guests are being served.
  • All these illustrations are from real life. They actually took place. True, the odds of all of them occurring at one event are slim but even one of them happening could mar your day.

    Now you know what you don’t want at your wedding reception. Go ahead and make sure get the right MC for your big day. If you are a wedding planner, the couple will love you for making the right decision. And if you are planning your wedding yourself, you’ll enjoy your special day knowing that your event is in capable hands.