Febuary 14, 2018

How to Organize the Perfect Book Launch

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1. Give the MC an advance copy to read; it will give him valuable insights into the book.

2. Invite people who are likely to buy the book at auction prices; that's the whole point of a book launch

3. Invite the media; who else can spread the news far and wide?

4. Let the MC get the program ahead of the event.

5. Get the MC and organizer to meet a few hours before the launch; this will give them an opportunity to run through the program

6. Confirm the availability of everyone on the program; provide the MC with notes on all speakers and entertainers.

7. Start on time.

8. Keep the speeches, reviews and entertainment short; the point of a book launch is to sell books.

9. Get an engaging auctioneer to persuade guests to buy; that's why they were invited.

10. Provide refreshment during the networking period at the end of the launch; it will keep guests at the venue and increase their likelihood of buying the books.

11. Have enough salespeople circulating in the room and positioned by the exit to offer the book to guests.