November 10, 2017

How To Market Yourself (2 of 3)

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Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author, describes marketing as ‘influencing the actions of others’. In marketing your services, this is exactly what you want to do. Your aim is to influence or persuade others (event managers, clients) to take action (by choosing you to MC their events).

You can market yourself effectively by what you wear.

How you look can influence people to take action. Your appearance speaks long before you open your mouth to say a word.

A good opportunity to make a positive impression by your appearance is when you meet the event organizer or client for the first time. They will be assessing you to see whether you are the right person for the event. If you make the mistake of dressing shabbily, they may be emboldened to ask for a big discount (”Is she really worth that much when she’s dressed like this?”). Worse, they may give the job to someone else.

Apart from representing yourself, you also represent whatever client you happen to work for at a particular moment in time. The safest option is to look business-like, even if the dress code says ‘Smart Casual’. Remember you are not a guest. You are the event manager and host. You must look smart and you must inspire confidence. That is the way to get ahead if you want to market yourself effectively.