November 11, 2017

How To Market Yourself (3 of 3)

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Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author, describes marketing as ‘influencing the actions of others’. In marketing your services, this is exactly what you want to do. Your aim is to influence or persuade others (event managers, clients) to take action (by choosing you to MC their events).

You can market yourself effectively by what you give out.

A professionally designed card is a powerful marketing tool. In effect, it is a mini billboard advertising your one product and one service – you. Spend time designing your card.

My cards have the following information:

Company name & address
Company logo
Telephone number
Email address
Facebook contact
Twitter contact
Blog address
My photograph
(on the reverse side)

I use stiff paper and make sure both sides are laminated to give the cards a smooth feel. Since your cards represent you, make sure they are high quality so they speak well of you.

Do not shy away from exhausting your supply of cards too soon. Never run out or give anyone the excuse that “I just gave away my last card!”

Joe Girard was the greatest car salesman in the world. In a 15 year career, Girard sold 13,001 new cars, all retail, no fleet sales. He used to sit just above the VIP section at football games. Anytime his team scored, he threw a bunch of his cards in the air in jubilation. Of course, the cards would land into the VIP section and before long he would be making a sale. Talk about targeted marketing! Talk about influencing people to call him so he could serve them! That is exactly the position you want to be in.

Marketing yourself well is critical if you want to be known as the MC of choice. After using all the tools I have listed earlier, remember that the most effective marketing you can ever do is your actual performance at an event.

Learn all you can and aim for excellence in your delivery. Slowly but surely, you will become better and better at marketing yourself and influencing people to choose you.