March 20, 2017

Your Friendly Toothbrush

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Your Friendly Toothbrush

In honour of World Oral Health Day, here's a poem I wrote years ago to encourage my sons to brush their teeth. Enjoy!

I am your friendly toothbrush
Surprised to hear me speak?
I work for you two times a day
That’s fourteen times a week

You grab me in the morning
You put stuff on my head
And pop me quickly in your mouth
Without even a word.

It’s up and down and side to side
You spin me all around
To clean your teeth and gums must be
The hardest job in town.

But no, it isn’t over yet
I can’t forget your tongue
And here I am believing that
My job is truly done.

To think that I’m on double duty
All throughout the week?
Sometimes I feel like I should strike
And stop acting so meek.

To tell the truth I do not mind
I think this job’s for me
But all I want is just some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

A good rinse every time you brush
Would frankly be the best
And when I’m old please lay me down
I would have earned my rest.

Till then I am your friendly toothbrush
Shocked to hear me speak?
I’m at your service twice a day
All seven days a week.